CVS Disposable Camera Developing Cost

Do you want to know how much CVS disposable camera developing costs? The cost of film development at CVS is $0.36 for 4×6 prints. The developing process takes seven to ten days for 35mm film and three weeks for other types of film. If you need a quick turnaround time, CVS is a great option.

Darkroom cvs disposable camera developing cost

If you are looking for a way to get your film developed and printed, CVS offers a low cost service. CVS uses a third-party lab and charges between $10 and $15 per roll of 35mm film. It takes an average of one hour for 35mm film to be developed, but can take up to three weeks in some cases. CVS also offers 4×6-inch prints from disposable cameras.

For most people, disposable cameras can be processed at CVS for a low cost. CVS will provide glossy 4×6 prints for each exposure, as well as scans of your negatives to a CD. While most computers do not have CD-rom drives, you can also get images directly from CVS kiosks onto USB drives, computers, or other mobile devices.

You can also get high-quality scans for a few dollars. You can choose a glossy or matte finish for your prints. Another great option is to have your film developed by your local camera store. This service is much cheaper than big-box stores, but you can also get a higher-quality scan for an additional $5.


If you have a disposable camera and need to have it developed, Walgreens has a Photo Lab on-site that can process your film for a small fee. The lab offers processing for 8 x 10” photos for $3.99, and you can also get your negatives developed and printed for a small fee. They also do the conversion from negatives to digital photos.

The process of developing your disposable camera is similar to the one you would do for any other type of camera. You’ll need to have the right equipment and know a bit about the process. The cost varies by processing center, so it’s important to compare prices before you decide which one to use.

The cost of developing your film at Walgreens depends on the type of film and how many exposures it needs. The cost is approximately $15 to $18 per roll of film. The time it takes for the film to develop at Walgreens is quicker than at CVS or Walmart. Usually, the film is developed in three to five days, but some locations take longer than others.


CVS is a great place to process film for your disposable camera. They accept 35mm, Advanced Photo System, 110, and slide film and can develop them for a reasonable price. You can even drop off your camera in their order form envelopes for them to process for you. Each roll of film costs around $7.96, which includes a 12 exposure 4×6” print. Processing your film at CVS will take 7-10 days.

The CVS disposable camera developing cost will vary depending on what type of film you use. Color film will take about a week to develop, while black and white film can take up to three weeks. You will need to visit a CVS photo department to fill out a film development envelope and pay a fee. The fee is usually only $12 per 12 exposures, and the process will take anywhere from seven to 10 business days.

CVS accepts disposable cameras as well as 35mm filmstrip prints. Developing your film takes about seven to ten days and you can expect to wait for about three weeks to get your prints. Unlike most other places, CVS does not recycle your film negatives. However, you can mail them back if you want to print your images at home.